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19 March 2010 @ 03:31 am
it tickles me  
when i read those things people list that say,
oh here, i'll example that tickle.

They’ve gone on silly dinner dates.

Buy random presents just for the fun of it.

Take lots of naps together.

Are comfortable in just sweats around each other.

Share everything and anything with the other.

Go to the movies just to hang out.

Have dinner with their parents and just talk.

Who walks the other to class just to make sure they got there okay.

Talks and brags to their friends about the other.

Fighting even though they know they’re not gonna break up.

something i saw on someone's tumblr.
i read these things everywhere and see little icons on the computer-- where i am all day that just have these labels on love
be just like these two elephants with their trunks snuggling and a heart levitating above them

find your perfect match
"the first time we met we talked all night. i've never met someone with so much in common on SO MANY LEVELS. LIKE THAT ONE GAME WHERE YOU ALWAYS THINK IT'S THE BOSS LEVEL BUT IT'S NOTTTTTTTT :C."

i read all of these, and i don't think i've ever thought;
"oh no, i don't have that, i want that."

cause i do have it.
what they DON'T talk about is what i think are the important things.
so here's my list, and my favorite things about my relationship-- because up to the shallow standard it far surpasses, just doesn't do it justice.
so here goes.

the small things i cherish most and realize their special qualities:

there's no lies, no gray area, no hidden agenda

when i'm mad, you tell me why i'm wrong but still hold me. you don't pull away or yell.

even when we see each other for two minutes it's still memorable.

we both know what each other needs, and we do it for each other without thinking.

when i wake up you don't complain about my morning breath or my messy hair you just tell me how beautiful i am.

we are so completely intertwined that we're suffocating each other and it pulls on our skin when we are apart.

when we are not speaking to each other, and we are separated, we both find death welcoming us.

no matter how drastically different we are in necessity, we are so similar, to the point we argue over things we don't believe or stand behind.

you can always make me smile. always. even if you were hit by a car and sprawled on the road you would still make a joke to make me smile. to lift the burdens off of small moments.